Diskwipe – data removal / destruction – tmp files in $diskwipe directory

Ran through Diskwipe with the erasing pattern Russian GOST P50739-95 – (2 passes – quick). After the wipe had completed, I ran EaseUS data recovery to see what it could detect, and it had detected tmp files in the $diskwipe directory (titled tmp0001, tmp0002, etc)

I formatted the disk manually from Windows and started the wipe again to see how it would respond.

While the program was running through “secure erasing disk” on the second wipe, I opened the drive I was wiping, and could actually see the bits being written in 2GB files in live time. This is because the software is writing files to the disk:

It was unclear of what the tmp files were, but after seeing this, makes much more sense. Hope this helps someone out with the same question as me!

You can get the tool here: http://www.diskwipe.org/