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How to Fix “User Profile Service Failed the Login” Error

This fix is for when a user attempts to login to their account, but receives the error “User Profile Service Failed the Login”.

  1. Start computer in Safe Mode.
  2. Open regedit.
    Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\Current Version\ProfileList
  3. Notice two of the same profiles. i.e. s-1-2-3-123.bak and s-1-2-3-123
  4. Swap the .Bak with the similar (corrupted) profile. so that s-1-2-3-123.bak changes to s-1-2-3-123 and visa versa.
  5. Click s-1-2-3-123
  6. Select “State” and set the value to “0”.
  7. Select “RefCount” and set the value to “0”.
  8. Restart in Normal Mode (not Safe Mode).
  9. Login as user.
  10. Problem fixed.