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How to add a shared network printer to a Domain Controller, and add it as a Group Policy Object

In this process, we will learn how to add a shared network printer to a Domain Controller, and then add it as a Group Policy Object.


Part 1 – Configuring the TCP/IP print driver on the server

Open “Devices and Printers”.

Click “Add Printer”. Click “The printer that I want isn’t listed”.

Click “Add a local or network printer as an administrator”.

Select “The printer that I want isn’t listed” again.

Select “Add a printer using a TCP/IP address or hostname”.

Enter the IP Address of the printer. The port name will fill itself in.

You will then be prompted to install a print driver. If Windows doesn’t automatically find a driver for you, you may need to download the driver files. I had to manually download a print driver specifically Brother’s site. To specify the location of the downloaded files, click “Have Disk…”.

Browse to the folder containing the driver files and select said folder.

Once the correct driver is selected, click “Next”.

Type the desired name of the printer.

Once the print driver is installed, you can choose to share or not share this printer. As this is the default option, select “Share this printer”. This option can be changed after the setup is complete.

Now that the printer is installed on the server, edit the printer properties to verify the printer is shared and listed in the directory. Right-click the printer and select “Printer properties”.

Click the second tab “Sharing” and click “Change Sharing Options” so that you can edit the settings. Tick the box “List in the directory” and click “Apply”.

Part 2 – Creating a GPO for the printer install

Now that the printer is listed in the directory, we will create a Group Policy Object (GPO) for the printer install. Open Group Policy Management.

Create a new Group Policy Object by selecting your Domain, right-click “Group Policy Objects”, and select “New”.

Create a name for your new policy. I will use the GPO title “Printer – Upstairs Reception Brother L5900DW”.

Right-Click the new GPO and click “Edit”.

Navigate to “User Configuration” – “Preferences” – “Control Panel Settings” – “Printers”.

Right-click in the white space and select “New” – “TCP/IP Printer”.

Enter the IP Address of the network printer, give the printer a local name that the user will see, and select the printer from the directory listing. Click OK, then click Apply.

The GPO has been created. Apply this GPO to an Organizational Unit (OU). When the user in that OU logs on, the printer will be installed on their local workstation.