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Deploy/Image a system with the pre-configured MDT/WDS settings

  1. Boot up the computer that will be receiving the image.
  2. Boot into PXE. This can be done by pressing F12. Once a connection to the DC (WDS Server) is established, press F12 again to pull up a list of WDS Boot Images.
  3. Select the boot image: “Lite Touch Windows PE (x64)”.
  4. Microsoft Deployment Toolkit will load up. First, click “Run the Deployment Wizard to install a new Operating System”. Then proceed to connect to the Deployment Share by finding the server/share: \\SERVER01\deploymentshare$\
  5. Enter Domain Admin credentials.
  6. Select the desired MDT Task Sequence. The current desired Task Sequence is of Windows 10 Pro full deployment: “Win10Prov1703 2017-08-11 No Metro Apps”. Select Next.
  7. Keep the current computer name by pressing Next.
  8. Select “Do not move user data and settings” and press Next.
  9. Select “Do not restore user data and settings” and press Next.
  10. Select “No product key is required” and press Next.
  11. Select the correct Time Zone and press Next.
  12. When MDT asks to install program, do not select any, as this is already defined in the Task Sequence. Press Next.
  13. Enter the Administrator password and press Next.
  14. Select “Do not enable BitLocker for this computer” and press Next.
  15. Press “Begin”.
  16. After about 30 minutes, the system will be imaged, and all of the predefined Task Sequences will have been run.
  17. The only other task that must be manually run is to add the computer to the domain. This will require a reboot.
  18. Once this is completed, the computer is ready for Active Directory user login.

GitHub 24-Hour commit task

I created a Windows Task Scheduler event so that at 3:00PM, everyday, it prompts me to run a commit to GitHub. I use Git Bash, so the local file run, is called It looks like this:

The .sh file can be run on it’s own, but I prefer for Windows Task Scheduler to remember for me. I simply have a one-liner batch file call the .sh file: git-bash.exe "E:\Dropbox\". This batch file is run as a Scheduled Task in Windows Task Scheduler.